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3 hidden paradises in the heart of Flores

East Nusa Tenggara's Nagekeo regency has so many interesting naturally beautiful places, most of which haven’t been touched by tourism.

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The Jakarta Post Travel picks three destinations that are ready to welcome tourists, yet still have that unspoiled charm.

The pristine white sands of Rii Taa Islet

Among the most sought after is the sandbar of Rii Taa Islet, or as the locals call it Pulau Pasir Putih.

When the tide is high, the islet is only about 20 meters square but during the low tide, it can be as vast as 2 hectares.

The islet can be reached by boat in under an hour from Maropokot harbor at Mbay, Nagekeo regency’s capital.

Legend has it that the islet used to have fresh grass growing all over its surface hence the name given by the residents of Tonggurambang: Rii Taa, which literally means fresh grass.

Since 2010, the department of tourism and culture of Nagekeo regency has promoted the islet, resulting in increasing numbers of visitors.

Despite there being not much to do on the islet except for sunbathing on the pearly white sand, the magnificent view alone is more than enough to attract tourists to visit this pristine natural beauty spot.

A simple hut is to be built in the middle of the islet, according to Tonggurambang village head, Toa Mualaf. Toa said the hut would not sink despite the usual high tides that only leave a small part of the islet visible above the sea’s surface.

The magical healing of Nangadhero natural hot spring

After visiting Pulau Pasir Putih Rii Taa, you can visit the Nangadhero natural hot spring, in Nangadhero village.

The hot spring water is believed to have a lot of health benefits.

During my visit, I met Kalimantan native, Ahmad Taa, whom had regained his ability to walk after several months in a wheelchair. He said he had been taking this treatment for over a year, bathing regularly twice a day until he could finally walk again.

Ahmad is one of many people who has regained their health after bathing in the natural hot spring at Nangadhero.

Marapokot natural hot spring

Another hot spring to visit is the Marapokot natural hot spring, which is located in Marapokot village, not far from Nangadhero.

The unique thing about this hot spring is that the villagers often use the hot water to cook eggs.

How to get there

Visitors can take a bus from Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai or Maumere in the eastern part of Flores to Marapokot harbor at Mbay.

If you want to continue on to Pulau Pasir Putih, you can rent a boat from the harbor. The return trip is said to cost from Rp 200,000 ( US $ 16.95).

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  • Leopold Doyle 2 yearss ago

    Flores was amazing! The beaches are untouched yet very fun! But these places I haven't heard before. It's even more awesome!

  • Baha Elgizouli 2 yearss ago

    Wow it looks amazing! can we also surf in the beach?

  • Lourdes Reyes 2 yearss ago

    Whoaaaa. I'm speechless. This is just beautiful. Paradise indeed....

  • Annabel Ho 2 yearss ago

    It truly is hidden paradise! I love the islet with its white sand and tranquility. Seems like a perfect place to getaway.

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