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5 great places to enjoy coffee & retail therapy

The Goods Dept.

The Goods Department was established by young designers behind the quirky Brightspot Market event. As with the market, The Goods Department offers fashion and lifestyle products from independent Indonesian designers and a selection of international brands. In the near future, it will also feature its own brand.

But the spacious and modern store caters to more than just shopping fans. Attached to its retail establishment is The Goods Cafe, a casual eatery where you can grab some lunch (among the favorites are Coffee rubbed burger and Mac and cheese) or sip a cup of coffee accompanied by a light snack. If you prefer the latter, go with the luscious cappuccino and the scrumptious rainbow cake.

Location: Pacific Place 1st Floor #1-02 Jl Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53 SCBD
Cappucino Rp 25,000
Rainbow cake Rp 60,000



Targeting those who look to Japan for the latest trends, Wakai’s collection ranges from footwear to apparel and accessories inspired by the Nippon 'street fashion' style. And you might stay even longer to enjoy this nifty place by visiting the B-side Wakai Cafe which serves snacks and beverages, also with a Japanese flavor in mind. Not surprisingly, the favorite menu items include names such as Earthquake coffee jelly, Mizu breeze, Sakura mist, Baked mochi and Ninja crepes.

Location: Plaza Indonesia 4th Floor #106-107 Jl MH Thamrin Kav 28-30
Earthquake coffee jelly Rp 25,000
Mizu breeze Rp 23,000
Sakura mist Rp 37,000
Baked mochi Rp 24,000
Ninja crepes Rp 29,000



The selection of books, music, gifts and homeware in this chic store does not disappoint. You can find an assortment of goodies ranging from merchandise inspired by the cartoon Tintin, to cameras and cooking gift sets.
But you can grab more than just a farewell present for a departing colleague at Aksara. Canteen, its neighboring café offers European and Asian cuisine as well as a wide selection of cocktails and wines. When the city gets too hectic to handle –as it usually does – taking a break in Aksara offers you the luxury of being a mere spectator, who looks through its glass windows at the busy traffic outside while sipping a cup of tea.

Location: Plaza Indonesia Extension 5th Floor Blok E Unit 02 Jl MH Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Amaretto-flavoured caffe latte Rp 35,000
Fish and chips (served with ravigotte sauce) Rp 60,000


AlunAlun Indonesia

Derived from the concept of alun-alun (town square), this modern retail concept is on a mission to display Indonesia at its best by marketing its handicrafts, culinary traditions and entertainment in an elegant and comfortable establishment. Offering at least fifteen distinctive spaces for cultural and contemporary products, it's a great combination of one-stop shopping and an effort to shop local more frequently.

You can also taste the richness of Indonesian cuisine at Waroeng Kopi, located inside the retail area. Its local dishes include rujak juhi (tangy vegetable salad with shredded cuttlefish served with a chili peanut sauce); soto banjar (Kalimantan-style chicken noodle soup in coconut milk soup); bubur tinotuan (Manadonese rice porridge served with salted fish and vegetables); nasi brongkos (black nut stew cooked in coconut milk, served with steamed rice) and kue rangi (baked Betawi snack of sago, rice flour and grated coconut). Various flavors of Indonesian coffee are available as well - from Sumatera Mandailing, Toraja, Flores, Bali, Irian, to the famous kopi luwak.

Location: Grand Indonesia West Building 3rd Floor Jl MH Thamrin Kav 28-30
Sumatera Mandailing coffee Rp 19,500
Kopi luwak Rp 225,000
Rujak juhi Rp 27,000
Nasi brongkos Rp 37,500


PJ's Cafe & Boutique

Established since Nov. 2011, this small and friendly boutique offers women's ready-to-wear dresses, bags, shoes and accessories, as well as some items of male apparel. According to owner Pieter Within, the collections are mainly outsourced from Hong Kong, China, Korea and Europe.

If you're feeling a little famished, the attached cafe provides great options from the main course, finger foods, desserts and beverages. For lunch, try the Traditional balacan (shrimp paste) fried rice or stir fried chicken (ayam kemangi) over rice. Coffee options include Long black, Cappucino, Avocado and Cream blueberry fountain.

Location: fX Sudirman 5th Floor Jl Jenderal Sudirman, Pintu Satu, Senayan
Traditional balacan fried rice Rp 28,000
PJ's flavored avocado iced coffee Rp 25,000




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  • Sarah Padalovski 3 yearss ago

    wow, it's so cheap, but when looking at the picture, I believe that the goods and foods there are not cheesy,

  • Jennifer Ortiz 3 yearss ago

    wow, it's definitely one of my go-to list, coz that place looks great. even for windows shopping only :D

  • Mandy Abigail 3 yearss ago

    Good places. I'd love to try each spot of this list. Nice review!

  • Celine Delpy 3 yearss ago

    Looks cozy. It'll be nice to hangout with my groups in there. Thanks for the info!

  • Rebecca Ashley 3 yearss ago

    This is a great place, great artistic, great decorating, wow nice to spend your enjoy time here buddy!

  • Staceyar Samantha 3 yearss ago

    I personally prefer Aksara than Goods Dept. mainly because it's easier to find aksara in jakarta cs they have some stores. Goods Dept is also good but last time i went there, it's kinda hard to find a comfortable parking spot.

  • Jonathan Michelle 3 yearss ago

    look at the famous rainbow cake, there's a some glitters on the top. i should add this place to my hangout place list.

  • Kimberly Miller 3 yearss ago

    Goodsdept has lots of good food i may add, the pasta the burgers, not your conventional pasta or burger but they combine curry with duck, so yum, it's a must try!

  • Daniela Jacobs 3 yearss ago

    I feel like going to The Goods Dept. Nice place you got there in Jakarta. I'll definitely make sure go there if i happened to visit Jakarta

  • James Watson 3 yearss ago

    This more like a place for women the first time i saw the title. But after seeing the whole article and the pictures, it does sounds ok for me to go there. Nice recommendation.

  • Lisa Manning 3 yearss ago

    The cake, the coffe and the view look so tempting. Place like this is the one that i need to relieve my stress

  • Richard Newgate 3 yearss ago

    New York Drawing and Star Trek. This place seems like a cool place for a geek one. Nice idea by the way combining things like that

  • Ananda Putri 3 yearss ago

    haven't tried pj's cafe before, i think this cafe will be in my go-to list

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