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A brief retreat in Ubud

Connie D’Innella and Hanna Lund are two hard-working Europeans who work in Singapore, a country with a high business work ethic. Over a period of time, it’s only natural for them to feel the need to escape the stress.

The idea of escaping may seem bizarre for those who do not have the luxury of extensive vacation time. These people don’t have a generous amount of time for a soul-searching break that could take weeks – or even months.

A specially designed retreat program is the best solution if you have time limitations. Luckily, for Connie and Hanna, Bali is only a short flight away.

Being one of the region’s favorite getaway locations, Bali has what it takes to be the ultimate quick break with a combination of alluring scenery and interesting communities on the island.

The combination is perfect as over the past few years Bali has become one of the most sought-after places for retreats.

“We have been holding retreat programs for almost every week now and most of them are fully-booked,” said Claude Chouinard, who manages ONEWORLD retreats (

ONEWORLD retreats specializes in five to seven days of retreat activities, where participants indulge in the beauty of Kumara Sakti resort in Ubud. There’s a variety of programs available, such as an intense yoga retreat, detoxification treatment, a cultural journey and also a writers retreat.

Aside from being an escape from the routine, retreats are often great experiences that bond all participants together.

Most retreats at ONEWORLD retreats starts with an Agnihotra fire ceremony (a traditional Hindu ritual) intended for purification. During the ceremony, all participants gather together, the first of many occasions they’ll experience together – from sharing the table during mealtimes to exploring the island.

In every room at Kumara Sakti resort you’ll be able to find a guestbook. It is filled with comments from previous retreat participants. Most entries share similar thoughts of how leaving their new-found friends is really hard – written in colors using paints and crayons.

Refresh, recharge and restart

“We are giving them the chance to leave their world behind,” said Wayan Partawan, also known as Parta, who frequently assists retreat leaders, and is also an in-house teacher at ONEWORLD retreats.

Parta also leads his own retreat program at ONEWORLD retreats called “Immerse Yourself in Bali”. He considers this program to be a shortcut for participants to fully indulge themselves in Bali life. It takes you to places in an exciting way, like a morning yoga session overlooking the sunrise on Mount Batur, as well as cycling from Kintamani to Ubud.

But, as Parta sees it, every retreat leader has a different concept and goals to achieve. Some of them focus on health, while others may want to show the marvel of Balinese culture.

Yet, there are still connections between all different kinds of retreats, said Patra. “We want them to have time for themselves, to know themselves and learn from the experience.”

Such an attitude of living in the moment, he believes, is what makes the difference to the participants. Patra is confident that, even though a weeklong retreat can be considered short, participants will still be ready to head back to their lives with a positive attitude.

With ten years of experience under its belt, ONEWORLD retreats is arguably one of the leaders in the business. Its name comes top in web searches regarding retreats in Bali – and that’s how Connie and Hanna managed to find it.

Along with Connie’s visiting mother, Monica, the three spent their weekend with ONEWORLD retreats and took a spa vacation.

“It was the best massage I’ve ever had,” claimed Connie after her spa treatment at Kumara Sakti. Hanna also had a good time during her stay. She said she never missed the morning yoga session.

Beside the yoga sessions and spa, they could also learn Balinese cooking and make an offering (a Hindu Balinese daily ritual). This way, Parta said they would have a better understanding of Balinese culture.

All in all, spending your precious free time on a retreat in Bali is a safe bet. The island is just perfect for a retreat program thanks to its nature and culture.

Beautiful secluded resorts will welcome you here, along with state-of-the-art spa treatment and yoga sessions, as well as a new, magnificent culture to explore.

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  • Sheila Aisha 3 months ago

    for more information about ashtanga yoga jakarta please visit

  • Asut Ajus 2 yearss ago

    it's a great fortune for me to live in Ubud....lots of good places around, keeping tight the traditional culture, friendly much to tell....

  • Birute Horwits 2 yearss ago

    Of course Ubud is the best place to self retreat. Otherwise Julie Andrews won't spend the 'Pray' phase here. Thanks for the review anyway.

    Asut Ajus 2 yearss ago

    Thanks for liking my homeland :)

  • Baha Elgizouli 2 yearss ago

    For me, the best retreat is while you surf in the best beaches in Bali. But yes my girlfriend did love it more in Ubud - the tranquility and the nature really brought peace. But I still into beaches! LOL

    Asut Ajus 2 yearss ago

    Try to go a bit will see the magnificent part of Ubud..

  • Martha Mattison 2 yearss ago

    Waking up with the sound of birds chirping... See the sun rays dispersing through our window... Walking through the rice field... Ah Ubud is a perfect place for self-retreating indeed.

    Asut Ajus 2 yearss ago

    You are right...come again to Ubud...:)

  • Antony Caswell 2 yearss ago

    Ubud is heaven for nature-lover like me. I feel like spending the rest of my life there. Hopefully soon I could afford a house in a village in Ubud - which means retreat everyday!

  • Laura Kesler 2 yearss ago

    Whoa the spa looked awesome! Bali is indeed a great place to escape from stressful life. Low budget yet many great places to go. It will never run out of amazing spots!

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