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Indonesian culture goes digital at Galeri Indonesia Kaya

The Galeri Indonesia Kaya (GIK) presents an alternative way to soak up Indonesian culture - with a digital approach.

Built by the Bakti Budaya Djarum Foundation, GIK is a public space located on the eighth floor of the West Mall in the Grand Indonesia shopping mall, Central Jakarta.

Its interior contains traditional Indonesian features, such as parang patterns, jasmine paterns and handmade batik from 12 regions across Indonesia.

Three large screens welcome visitors with audio in several of Indonesia’s regional languages.

Two congklak tables stand in the center of GIK’s main atrium. Congklak is a traditional Indonesian game in which players move shells from one pit on the wooden boat-shaped board to another.

The congklak games displayed at GIK, however, are digitized versions.

GIK claims to be the only public space in Indonesia that combines education and digital multimedia to present Indonesian culture, especially aimed at the younger generation, in a fun, cost-free way.

“GIK presents a cultural and art edutainment space in the heart of the city. As it's modern, people can more easily appreciate it, especially the younger generation,” Renitasari Adrian, program director at the Bakti Budaya Djarum Foundation, said during GIK's grand opening.

The event was attended by Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Mari Elka Pangestu.

Aside from the digital congklak, there are 12 further digital applications relating to Indonesian culture.

The application Melodi Alunan Daerah, for example, allows visitors to create their own music using the digital musical instruments.

The application offers a choice of different traditional Indonesian instrumental sounds using an interactive touch screen.

Other applications include the Selasar Santai; the Selaras Pakaiab Adat; Telaah Budaya surface; video mapping; Kaca Pintar Indonesia; the Area Peraga, and the Fantasi Tari Indonesia.

Another application, called Arungi Indonesia, allows visitors to “fly” over the archipelago and view a number of its cultural sites.

GIK also offers a space for artistic and cultural performances in its auditorium, which can accommodate 150 people and hosts traditional music performances, puppet shows, theater, musical drama and dance performances.

The auditorium has several facilities, such as a 13 meter by 13 meter stage, 5,000-watt sound system and four LED spotlights. For anyone interested in using these facilities, a proposal needs to be submitted to GIK detailing the program in question.

“Artistic and cultural performances will be held during our 'prime time' every Saturday and Sunday until the end of this year.

"Each performance, which present different themes every week, lasts no longer than one-and-a-half hours,” Renitasari added.

To help build an artistic community among media personnel, GIK has formed its so-called “Sahabat Indonesia Kaya” program, or Friends of Indonesia Kaya, which will host cultural activities for journalists, such as photography workshops, batik workshops, discussions about culture and so on.

GIK opens daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.


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