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Six things to buy in Bandung's Balubur Town Square

While many might prefer Pasar Baru in central Bandung, Balubur Town Square (Baltos) on Jl. Taman Sari, Kebon Bibit is a simple, yet modern, establishment and is popular with students. It is known as a great place to pick up stationary, art and craft supplies, but, it has a whole lot more.

Vintage clothes

On the ground floor are two stalls selling vintage clothes.

Although the selection might not be as varied as Dezon on Jl. Asia Afrika, you can easily find 1970s dresses and shirts that are still in mint condition. And as these stall are less crowded, it makes shopping less stressful.

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The only downside is all the clothes have fixed prices. But as they are affordable — starting from Rp 50,000 (US$4.24) — then it is no big problem.

Souvenirs and party supplies

Thinking of throwing a party or need to get a cute gift?

Baltos boasts loads of stores and stalls that sell flash disks, folded nylon shopping bags, colored paper bags and attractive boxes. Party supplies like batik paper cups, balloons, confetti, glittery masks and cowboy hats are also plentiful.

The mall also has many stalls and shops selling chips and crackers that can be bought in bulk.

Vintage and rare books

Though you might have to browse a little, there are lots of book stalls scattered across the ground floor.

I found some almost-new comics for a good price.

Wet market

In the basement area, Baltos also has a traditional wet market.

From beef to vegetables, the place offers quite plenty of items in a clean and convenient setting.

The market opens daily from 5 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Fabric and fashion

Head to Baltos' D1 and third floor to find stores and stalls selling good quality fabric, kebaya and accessories.

Trendy hijabers can also find arrays of stores and shops selling the latest fashion in kaftan, tunic and head scarves.

Although some of the stores are open to bartering, most have fixed prices. Nevertheless, most of the items are affordable.

Friday batik market

Every Friday, Baltos hosts a batik market with free workshops.

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So, if you are looking to buy this particular item, make sure to come on Friday.

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  • Lourdes Reyes 2 yearss ago

    Bandung is all about shopping! But this place doesnt look really fascinating for a shopping city like bandung haha

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